Samsung BN81-01298A 320WTC2LV3.7 T-Con Board

Samsung BN81-01298A 320WTC2LV3.7 T-Con Board

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This part is compatible with the following 193 models:

Samsung 32HL67US
Samsung LA32R71BAC/HAC
Samsung LA32R71BAL/XTL
Samsung LA32R71BAM/XTL
Samsung LA32R71BAS/ABS
Samsung LA32R71BAX/RAD
Samsung LA32R71BAX/SHI
Samsung LA32R71BAX/SML
Samsung LA32R71BAX/UMG
Samsung LA32R71BAX/XFA
Samsung LA32R71BAX/XME
Samsung LA32R71BAX/XSE
Samsung LA32R71BAX/XSG
Samsung LA32R71BAX/XST
Samsung LA32R71BAX/XSV
Samsung LA32R71BAX/XTC
Samsung LA32R71BAX/XTL
Samsung LA32R71BAX/XTT
Samsung LA32R81B1X/XTT
Samsung LA32R81B2X/XTT
Samsung LA32R81BAX/XTT
Samsung LA32R81BDX/XSA
Samsung LA32R81BHX/SAP
Samsung LA32R81BHX/SHI
Samsung LA32R81BHX/XSA
Samsung LA32R81BHX/XSG
Samsung LA32R81BHX/XTL
Samsung LA32R81BL/XTL
Samsung LA32R81BM/XTL
Samsung LA32R81BX/HAC
Samsung LA32R81BX/MUR
Samsung LA32R81BX/RAD
Samsung LA32R81BX/SAP
Samsung LA32R81BX/SHI
Samsung LA32R81BX/SML
Samsung LA32R81BX/UMG
Samsung LA32R81BX/XFA
Samsung LA32R81BX/XHK
Samsung LA32R81BX/XME
Samsung LA32R81BX/XSE
Samsung LA32R81BX/XSG
Samsung LA32R81BX/XST
Samsung LA32R81BX/XSV
Samsung LA32R81BX/XTC
Samsung LA32R81BX/XTL
Samsung LA32R81BX/XTT
Samsung LA32R81WX/SAP
Samsung LA32R81WX/SHI
Samsung LA32R81WX/SML
Samsung LA32R81WX/UMG
Samsung LA32R81WX/XFA
Samsung LA32R81WX/XHK
Samsung LA32R81WX/XME
Samsung LA32R81WX/XSE
Samsung LA32R81WX/XSG
Samsung LA32R81WX/XST
Samsung LA32R81WX/XSV
Samsung LA32R81WX/XTC
Samsung LA32R81WX/XTT
Samsung LA32S81B1X/XTT
Samsung LA32S81B2X/XTT
Samsung LA32S81B3X/XTT
Samsung LA32S81BDX/XSA
Samsung LA32S81BHX/SAP
Samsung LA32S81BHX/SHI
Samsung LA32S81BHX/XSA
Samsung LA32S81BHX/XSG
Samsung LA32S81BHX/XTL
Samsung LA32S81BL/XTL
Samsung LA32S81BM/XTL
Samsung LA32S81BX/HAC
Samsung LA32S81BX/MUR
Samsung LA32S81BX/RAD
Samsung LA32S81BX/SHI
Samsung LA32S81BX/SML
Samsung LA32S81BX/UMG
Samsung LA32S81BX/XAP
Samsung LA32S81BX/XFA
Samsung LA32S81BX/XHK
Samsung LA32S81BX/XME
Samsung LA32S81BX/XSE
Samsung LA32S81BX/XSG
Samsung LA32S81BX/XST
Samsung LA32S81BX/XSV
Samsung LA32S81BX/XTC
Samsung LA32S81BX/XTL
Samsung LA32S81BX/XTT
Samsung LA32T71BAX/SAP
Samsung LE32R81BX/AST
Samsung LE32R81BX/BWT
Samsung LE32R81BX/NWT
Samsung LE32R81BX/SML
Samsung LE32R81BX/XEC
Samsung LE32R81BX/XEH
Samsung LE32R81WX/AST
Samsung LE32R81WX/BWT
Samsung LE32R81WX/NWT
Samsung LE32R81WX/XEC
Samsung LE32R81WX/XEH
Samsung LE32R81WX/XEU
Samsung LE32R82BX/BWT
Samsung LE32R82BX/NWT
Samsung LE32R82BX/XEC
Samsung LE32R82BX/XEH
Samsung LE32R82BX/XEU
Samsung LE32R83BX/XEC
Samsung LE32R83BX/XEH
Samsung LE32R83BX/XEU
Samsung LE32R84BX/XEC
Samsung LE32R86BDX/XEC
Samsung LE32R86BDX/XEE
Samsung LE32R86BDX/XEH
Samsung LE32R86BDX/XEU
Samsung LE32R86WD/XEC
Samsung LE32R86WDX/XEE
Samsung LE32R86WDX/XEH
Samsung LE32R86WDX/XEU
Samsung LE32R87BDX/XEC
Samsung LE32R87BDX/XEE
Samsung LE32R87BDX/XEH
Samsung LE32R87BDX/XEU
Samsung LE32R88BDX/XEC
Samsung LE32R88BDX/XEE
Samsung LE32R88BDX/XEH
Samsung LE32R88BDX/XEU
Samsung LE32R89BDX/XEC
Samsung LE32R89BDX/XEE
Samsung LE32R89BDX/XEH
Samsung LE32RBCX/FID
Samsung LE32RWCX/FID
Samsung LE32S60BDX/XEC
Samsung LE32S62BX/BWT
Samsung LE32S62BX/XEC
Samsung LE32S62BX/XEH
Samsung LE32S67BDX/XEC
Samsung LE32S67BDX/XEE
Samsung LE32S67BDX/XEH
Samsung LE32S81BX/AST
Samsung LE32S81BX/BWT
Samsung LE32S81BX/NWT
Samsung LE32S81BX/SML
Samsung LE32S81BX/XEC
Samsung LE32S81BX/XEH
Samsung LE32S86BCX/FID
Samsung LE32S86BDX/XEC
Samsung LE32S86BDX/XEE
Samsung LE32S86BDX/XEH
Samsung LE32S86BDX/XEU
Samsung LN32R71BAXRCL
Samsung LN32R71BAXSTR
Samsung LN32R71BAXXAO
Samsung LN32R71BAXXAP
Samsung LN32R71BAXXAZ
Samsung LN32R71BAXXBG
Samsung LN32R71BDA
Samsung LN32R81BD
Samsung LN32R81BDHXAX
Samsung LN32R81BDXXAX
Samsung LN32R81BH
Samsung LN32R81BX/CEN
Samsung LN32R81BX/XSJ
Samsung LN32R81BXRCL
Samsung LN32R81BXSTR
Samsung LN32R81BXXAO
Samsung LN32R81BXXAP
Samsung LN32R81BXXAZ
Samsung LN32R81BXXBG
Samsung LN32R81SH
Samsung LN32R81WD
Samsung LN32R83BDXXAX
Samsung LN32S81BD
Samsung LN32S81BX/RCL
Samsung LN32S81BX/STR
Samsung LN32S81BX/XAP
Samsung LN32S81BXXAO
Samsung LN32T71BDA
Samsung LN-T3232H
Samsung LNT3232HX/XAA
Samsung LNT3232HX/XAC
Samsung LNT3242H
Samsung LNT3242HX
Samsung LNT3242HX/XAA
Samsung LNT3242HX/XAC
Samsung LNT3242HX/XAP
Samsung LNT3253H
Samsung LNT3253HTX/XAA
Samsung LNT3253HX/XAA
Samsung LNT3253HX/XAC
Samsung LNT3253HX/XAP
Samsung LNT3255HTXXAA
Samsung LNT325HAX/XAA
Samsung LNT32T72BDA
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